'Always Together' wall piece framed Rachel Webb Ceramics

'Always Together’

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The Love Inspired series includes this ‘Always together’ piece. 

Every heart is crafted and decorated by hand. Each heart is glazed individually using various glazes to achieve a dream-like and magical composition. 22-karat gold lustre is applied to one of the hearts and fired in the kiln for a third time. Mother of pearl lustre is applied to another one of the hearts to compliment & marry all the colours together. 

The hearts are carefully assembled together in this floating balloon design on a polished piece of porcelain. The balloon ribbons are drawn by hand before a coat of translucent glaze is applied. The light is caught and transformed by various glazes used here making the piece come to life.  

The piece is framed in a lovely 33 cm x 33 cm wooden box frame behind glass. It can be personalised with a hand written special message or a quote along the bottom of the piece for all life occasions. The stock pieces come with a handwritten quote “We’ll always be together, together in electric dreams” - a nod to the 1980’s classic song by Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder.

If you’d like us to write your own special message or a quote, please leave a message in the comment box or a note on the cart page. 

A larger version of this piece can also be commissioned in a 53 cm x 53 cm wooden box frame. If you are interested in a larger version of this piece, please contact us directly via our contact page.